Pantone Clock


Pantone Colour Clock

Inspired by designers built by a geek! I love colours.

This website was built by Stefan Pretty from Subbly.

Tweet me with feedback and gifs.

How this project is funded

I have installed some javascript on this website to use some of your computers processing power to mine cryptocurrenices while the site is loaded on your browser to help keep the lights on for this project. I do not make a profit from this project so it helps fund server fees etc.

Thank you for supporting this project by keeping it open!


Credit goes to Yona Lee for the inspiration to build this website based on her mockup and concept.


Share The Pantone Clock

I'd really appreciate if you could share this app as we spent lots of hours to make this a reality.

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Pantone Clock Screensaver

I heard ya'll wanted a screensaver version of this. Fear not Mac users, there is a solution!

  1. Download Websaver for Mac OSX or Webview Screensaver
  2. Install it. You may need to right click and select open from the menu - it's a security precaution.
  3. Load the screensaver preferences and change the Websaver settings
  4. Add this url to the address field
  5. Enjoy!

I plan on making a proper screensaver soon, signup to our mailing list to find out when I build it.